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Root canal treatment in Walpole MA

 root canal treatment in Walpole

We are a team with highly trained Dental Healthcare professionals, that provide Dental Treatment options like Root canal treatment in single sitting. Single sitting RCT is performed with precision & high magnification which reduces the total time required for the treatment. For more details visit Root canal treatment in Walpole

Why a Root Canal Treatment is needed?

The most sensitive part of a tooth is pulp and nerves. If there is any damage to tooth’s pulp, you probably need a root canal treatment. It may happen because of injury or due to severe tooth decay. If the nerve is damaged then RCT is the only option to get rid of the pain and avoid tooth extraction.

Usually RCT takes two or more appointments, but root canal experts at Unident can get it done in just one visit with the help of latest dental equipment such as microscope ultimately saving your precious time. For more details visit Root canal treatment in Walpole

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What is needed after a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal is a process where the nerves are taken out of your tooth and the canals are later filled with an inert material. This whole process takes away a considerable amount of tooth structure making the tooth weak. So you should consider having a dental crown put over the RCT treated tooth as it will help prevent tooth breakage.

Sometimes few patients may face problems such as pain, swelling after root canal treatment, and then you may need to meet the dentist again to determine whether or not further work needs to be done. For more details visit Root canal treatment in Walpole

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