What is Gummy Smile?
Best gum treatment in East Walpole

When your gum tissue grows down covering the teeth, the smile appearance becomes too gummy and the teeth appear too small. This often happens while wearing braces, or because of hormone changes, or as a side effect of some medications.

The cosmetic dentist will gently sculpt the gum level removing the gummy part and reshape your smile in this fast and painless cosmetic procedure. For more details Best gum treatment in East Walpole

What is the solution?

Smile is made up of more than just teeth & we appreciate all the aspects of the smile have to be in balance and harmony for the smile to be at its best. One of the most often-overlooked and misunderstood parts of the smile are the gums.

Gummy smile can be treated by Gum Contouring. Gum contouring is a procedure in which excess gum tissues are removed gently by contouring and shaping the gummy section of your smile.

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Is it a complicated procedure?

It is a simple, conservative and easy procedure we actually do as part of all our smile designs. We can even the gums and get them in better harmony and make your smiles as good as can be. 

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Are There Limitations To A Gum Lift Or Gingival (Gum) Contouring?
The limitations in a gum lift procedure have to do with just how much sculpting we can do with our laser There is a certain amount of gingival area (gums) that you have to have around your teeth in order to have a healthy tooth-gum architecture.